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Public runway

Non-Public runway



Only a Licensed Pilot is authorized for takeoff and landing on Public runways. All Non-Public runways are off limits unless directed to land by law enforcement. Licensed Pilots are to avoid No Fly Zones such as any military base at all costs regardless of altitude. License Pilots must have their License on them at all times while operating any aircraft. Failure to do so can result in Strikes/ Loss of License. Helicopters are permitted to land only at helicopter landing zones. Landing on streets or on residential rooftops without landing zones is not permitted. Stolen or lost aircraft must be reported to law enforcement immediately! Failure can result in a strike/License Revoked. In the event of an emergency landing make sure you are landing in a clear area that is free of traffic and safe. Begin to reduce your speeds and land as safetly as possible and proceed to communicate to the Radio Tower ASAP!


There are 5 total landing zones. Only 4 of which are public. 

  1. LSIA - (LSIA Traffic)

  2. Fort Zancudo - (Zancudo Traffic) 

  3. Sandy Airfield - (Sandy Traffic)

  4. McKenzie Field - (Grapeseed Traffic)

  5. Paleto Municipal Airport - (Paleto Traffic)

Pre-flight checks
Thoroughly inspect the aircraft to ensure it's condition is operable. This means that the exterior is free from damage or obstruction, and that the aircraft is properly fueled. Fuel levels must be above 15% prior to takeoff. Weather is very important in decision making. If you find yourself in the position of bad weather reduce your speed and contact flight tower for further instructions. Remember even though an aircraft has its own means of propulsion, the speed and direction of the wind can significantly alter an aircraft’s in-flight progress, this is often referred to as “wind effect”. Keeping an aircraft on its intended flight path through the air is therefore determined by the forward motion or thrust of the aircraft through the air and the natural movement of that air (wind). Airsickness is a specific form of motion sickness which is induced by air travel and is considered a normal response in healthy individuals. Airsickness occurs when the central nervous system receives conflicting messages from the body (including the inner ear, eyes and muscles) affecting balance and equilibrium. Symptoms may get worse when speeds exceed 90mph, in which proper medication can be taken to reduce the effects.

Rental license holders cannot fly in conditions where wind speed exceeds 25 mph

  • Class A license holders cannot fly in conditions where wind speed exceeds 35 mph

  • Class B license holders cannot fly in conditions where wind speed exceeds 40 mph

  • Class C license holders cannot fly in conditions where wind speed exceeds 75 mph

  • Class D license holders cannot fly in conditions where wind speed exceeds 80 mph

Ensure all passengers of the aircraft are medically cleared for flight prior to takeoff.

Ensure all passengers are buckled/harnessed in a fixed position within the aircraft prior to takeoff.

Ensure no combustibles or explosives are onboard the aircraft prior to takeoff.

Rental license holders maximum aircraft occupancy is 1

  • Class A license holders maximum aircraft occupancy is 2

  • Class B license holders maximum aircraft occupancy is 4

  • Class C license holders maximum aircraft occupancy is 6

  • Class D license holders maximum aircraft occupancy is 15

Upon completion of the online course you will be required to complete a physical course. You may choose to enroll in flight lessions if you feel you are unable to pass the first time. There are two vehicles in Class A that testess will be allowed to use for training. All failed testees will be required to wait a minimum of 24/hrs before taking the test again, In which they will be required to take atleast 1 training course before another attempt is made. Licenses must be renewed every 30 days to prevent suspension. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your license and a reinstatement fee applied. Pilots are available to be rented for events if available. Rented aircrafts are to be rented for a min. of thirty minutes before returning to recieve credit. Failure to return the rented vehicle will result in no credit being given. Rentals will cost five thousand dollars each.


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